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09 May 14


Browncoats are the most intense, dedicated, no hate, no bullshit fan base and I am so happy and proud to say I’m apart of that. I’m shy and awkward but when I go to cons and wait in lines these fans just sit and talk to you. They aren’t judging anyone they’re just happy to be there talking to you about something you both love. Its incredible the people you meet. How genuine they are. I love this fan base and I love this cast so much.

Keep Flying

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31 Mar 14
Piketty’s book is important primarily because it proves the obvious, and this is the age of the obvious. You must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, what any educated individual already should know because there is a lot of money in obfuscating the obvious. It pays very well to be a conservative ideologue spouting off about economic freedom, because very rich people want the government to make them rich, bail them out, and not tax them.
The Age of the Obvious: Thomas Piketty’s Capital (via azspot)

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31 Mar 14
14 Mar 14

A haiku from the article: Ask Me Anything


A haiku from the article: Ask Me Anything

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03 Nov 13
25 Sep 13
Racheumeuneu a 6 ans aujourd’hui !

Racheumeuneu a 6 ans aujourd’hui !

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25 Aug 13
27 May 13

In Which “The Phantom Editor” Speaks


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Yesterday on the Tooter, I mentioned how much I love and appreciate what my pal, Mike J. Nichols (aka “The Phantom Editor”) [IMDB], has done with his famous/infamous Star Wars recuts, Star Wars Episode I.I – The Phantom Edit (2001) and Star Wars Episode II.I - Attack of the Phantom (2005).

Like I said, I think he did everything humanly possible with all that virtually impossible material. Both edits are fun and fascinating to watch, and I can really recommend checking out both, provided you can put your hands to a copy…out there.

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30 Mar 13